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The Huber Principles

As we continue to transform and improve products used around the world, the Huber Principles define our culture and align with the core values of the Huber family, ensuring that everything we do is for the benefit of our people as well as our customers. The Living by the Huber Principles report for 2017 illustrates how these core values serve as our compass—guiding decisions, motivating our employees and ensuring that our Company will improve today for a better tomorrow.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Sustainability

Huber’s top priority is to be world-class in preventing employee injuries and in maintaining process safety. We will implement an effective EH&S management and compliance system. Our employees will strive for sustainability and continuous improvement in reducing our environmental footprint. Huber will be a good corporate citizen in communities wherever we operate around the world.

Ethical Behavior

The Huber culture will encourage open communication and ensure that potential ethical concerns can be easily surfaced and properly resolved. Globally, we will operate our business with the highest standard for compliance with laws, regulations and corporate policies. Huber employees will conduct themselves with professionalism and ethical responsibility toward others.

Respect for People

Huber values employee diversity and superior teamwork. Employees will receive honest feedback, recognition for their accomplishments, and opportunities for individual learning and development. Huber will create a workplace where employees share our core values, show dignity and respect toward others, and work hard to achieve their best performance.


Huber will achieve competitive advantage through customer focus and operational excellence. Customer intimacy and innovation will drive successful new product development and commercialization. Our operations will apply learning and best practices to excel at process engineering, product quality, productivity improvement, supply chain management and customer service.