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Environment, Health, Safety Sustainability

A legacy of protecting the environment
A commitment to working safely


Responsible stewardship of the environment has always taken center stage at Huber. We put environmental protection processes into place back in the 1950s - long before environmental issues were even a concern for many companies. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of sustainable practices that help us to do our part to protect and preserve the world’s natural resources for generations to come.

Huber’s longstanding approach to the environment can be summed up by a simple phrase: leave a light footprint. This reflects the same thinking of Native Americans as they moved about the ancient forests - taking only what was needed, disturbing only what was necessary.

This philosophy drives the Huber Principle of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Sustainability, which focuses on achieving world-class safety and environmental performance. In keeping with this principle, it is our goal to reduce Huber’s environmental footprint while growing our enterprise. With this in mind, Huber has developed a range of tools to help our businesses achieve world-class performance in both the environment and safety.

Ensuring environmental excellence

Huber continues to develop, implement and improve upon a diverse set of environmental processes and practices across the organization. At the top of the list is our Environmental Management System, which we created to help ensure that our global operations comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Our pursuit of environmental excellence also means being prepared. We identify potential hazards at our locations to ensure that we have the equipment and technology at the ready to protect our employees and the local community.

Raising safety awareness

Huber has implemented a wide range of initiatives designed for the safety of employees, contractors and anyone who visits a company facility. In addition to tracking work-related incidents and encouraging employees to report any close calls, Huber fosters a proactive culture that seeks to understand - and provides corrective measures for - underlying behavior that can lead to injuries. We continue to develop sustainable safety systems that will allow us to achieve and maintain world-class safety performance year after year.