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A Family of Solutions
The principles of Huber define our culture and are based on the long-standing values ​​of the Huber family.


Our philosophy of being successful with customer-oriented solutions and highly qualified services in internationally attractive markets corresponds to a corporate culture that can achieve great things with quality awareness, a constructive and solution-oriented organizational structure, team spirit and motivation.
Almost 500 employees bring our principles to life and achieve new goals every day in order to take them a step further.



Employee Development
Our employee development is geared towards recognizing and developing the potential of employees and talents in the company at an early stage, and identifying possible career paths. 

Diversity & Inclusion
We focus on diversity as a key to business success. Diversity helps us to promote creativity, to try new things and to better understand the needs of our customers.

Martinswerk GmbH is an international chemical company. As a manufacturer of high-quality special products based on aluminum oxide and hydroxide, we secure a leading position on the world market through innovative and user-oriented products, a high level of quality awareness, worldwide commitment and qualified employees.

During the training, our trainees are systematically prepared for dealing with modern technologies. Teaching the latest skills and knowledge in all professional areas is the goal of our training. Targeted employment in the various training departments and the support of experienced trainers prepare our apprentices for their future tasks.