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Specialties for the ceramic, refractory and polishing industry


The combination of various characteristics, such as chemical purity, degree of calcination and ease of grinding, enables Martinswerk to produce a wide range of MARTOXID grades which cover most applications for the production of ceramics, refractories and polishing.

Constant quality control and careful manufacturing procedures ensure a consistent process and guaranteed reproducible characteristics for each product. Martinswerk also offers specially tailored ready to-press powders with high Al2O3 contents for all applications – from grinding media, mill liners and wear-resistant plates to cutting ceramics, wire and fiber guides and electronic applications.

The best polishing agents demand precise coordination of the process effect and the material being polished. Martinswerk supplies a range of special aluminum oxides under the name MARTOXID, suitable for further processing to blocks, pastes or emulsions to form customized polishing agents for a variety of materials including metals, stones, paints and varnishes, plastics, optical lenses, and glass.