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HN Aluminium hydroxide

The HN-series Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) flame retardants are halogen free mechanically ground products intended for process temperatures up to 200°C.

HN 36 and HN 100 are large particle size ATH grades used mainly in applications such as latex, vinyl and urethane compounds.

HN 336 is a medium particle size ATH specifically designed for low viscosity, high filler loading levels, and excellent processing characteristics.

HN 434 is a product developed especially for composites, resin injection and high solids coatings. Excellent mold flow and wet-out characteristics result in superior surface profile with minimal porosity, even pigmentation and excellent filler and reinforcement distribution throughout the molded part.

HN 532 is an ATH product developed especially for composites.

HN 434 and HN 532 have unique particle size distributions that provide the best possible combination of viscosity, flame, electrical and molding properties that can be derived from an ATH filler. A closly controlled top size and high fines content yield rapid dispersion in resin and allow substitution in systems where these properties were previously achived by blending medium and ultrafine grades of ATH.