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Business unit: specialty oxides

What is COMPALOX phosphorus (P) buffer?
COMPALOX® is an activated aluminium oxide, which has a very high affinity for P adsorption and desorption. COMPALOX® also adsorbs and desorbs other nutrients (cations and anions) as well as other polar compounds (e.g. organic acids). 
Using a phosphorus P buffer technique in plant production
Incorporation of COMPALOX® P buffers into the growth substrate can be used as a technique to maintain predetermined and stable P concentrations in the growth substrate. This is of interest for different purposes, for example:

  1. Plant growth regulation using reduced P availability as an alternative method to chemical growth regulation.
  2. Enhancing root growth due to  reduced P availability increases root to shoot ratio.
  3. Improving the keeping quality of the plant by reduced and regulated P availability.
  4. Stimulating plant growth (shoot and root) by using a high P buffer.

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