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Putting our Customers at the Heart
World Class Technical Support & Capabilities

As a trusted global supplier, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.
Martinswerk’s success and reputation is based on our long-lasting track record as a trusted solutions provider. Our focus is developing quality products and the best solutions to our customers.

We provide innovative solutions using the most advanced technologies and combine with our unique expertise and know-how build up during more than 100 years.
Our customer focus and technical service will help us to ensure we are better placed to meet the dynamic needs of customers around the globe, both today and in the future. This will also help us to innovate to meet tomorrow’s requirements of our customers and to successfully launch new products.

With two world class R&D centers (Fairmount, Georgia, US and Bergheim, Germany) and fully equipped (analytical) laboratories, pilot scale laboratories and a pilot plant we offer tailored technical support to our customers.
We offer unique and extensive polymer and powder processing capabilities and broad product evaluation and analytics, such as flammability, thermoplastics, cable and thermosets testing.
Martinswerk offers one of the largest Fire Retardant product portfolio in the industry to meet the requirements of our customers and a unique portfolio of Specialty Aluminum Oxides.