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MARTINSWERK was founded in 1914 as a subsidiary of Alusuisse to produce smelter-grade alumina for the Alusuisse aluminum plants.

Martinswerk obtained the smelter-grade alumina from bauxite using the Bayer process. As this process involves considerable amounts of energy, it was decided to locate the company in Bergheim, nearby Cologne. 

In 1994 bauxite was replaced with standard aluminum hydroxide as raw material and Martinswerk transformed itself successfully from a smelter-grade alumina supplier into one of the leading producers of special chemicals based on aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide.

In 2001, Martinswerk was acquired by Albemarle Corporation. In February 2016, J.M. Huber Corporation, through its Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) Division, acquired Martinswerk GmbH and a 50% joint-venture position in MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte GmbH & Co KG, a manufacturer of premium quality Magnesium Hydroxide and Oxide powders based in Breitenau, Austria.