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We offer our apprentices a first-rate training program, supervised by experienced instructors.

Apprenticeship as a chemical technician

We have been training young employees to qualify as chemical technicians for many decades, supervising an average of 18 apprentices per year.
Thanks to this extensive training experience, we can offer trainees personalised and direct attention.
In 2019, we successfully modernised our training lab. We can now offer first-rate training by experienced instructors in a state-of-the-art facility. Our instructor, who has many years’ experience and has successfully trained countless young chemical technicians, is also actively committed to the IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) training program. The high quality of his training is also reflected in his nomination for “Trainer of the Year 2015 in the Cologne district of IHK Cologne”. Mr. Kober was shortlisted for the award.

Job profile chemical technician

As a chemical technician, you and your team are instrumental in ensuring that our products are manufactured safely, to high quality standards and in an environmentally responsible manner as specified in the corresponding production handbooks. As part of your responsibilities, you operate the control centre to guide the largely automated production process. You also contribute your technical expertise to ensure that all systems in the production plant are functioning optimally, and help to guarantee the quality of our products with your knowledge of the natural sciences and your commitment.

Apprenticeship period

3.5 years


  • Fundamental understanding of natural sciences and technology combined with excellent craftsmanship
  • High capacity to grasp new concepts and strong ability to focus
  • High level of commitment, reliability and dedication
  • Prerequisite for hiring is a completed German Hauptschulabschluss (secondary school certificate) after grade 10b


In addition to our training program, we also offer internships for secondary students in our training fields. Please send your application to our instructor Mr. Dirk Kober at Dirk.Kober(at) to apply for an internship in the natural sciences and technology field. For an internship in the commercial area please send your application to


We also maintain a cooperative project with a local school, which allows selected students who display above-average aptitude in the natural sciences to spend a trial day in our training workshop. The trial day roughly follows the current training curriculum and takes place in small groups on different days.

Boys and Girls Day

Moreover, we take part in the Boys and Girls Day program. It lets students take a peek at jobs that are not typically associated with their own gender and experience part of a regular work day in that job.

Please send your application
for an apprenticeship to: