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Tips for your application

Electronic applications are preferred
Since we at Martinswerk are very concerned with sustainable use of resources, we ask that you please apply electronically using the various job portals or our Careers page. This is also the best way to ensure that your application reaches the correct contact person. If you are not able to apply electronically, please mail your application to:

Martinswerk GmbH
Postfach 1209
D-50102 Bergheim


Please make sure your application is complete and contains all the important documents we need to make an informed decision (cover letter, CV, job references, and educational transcripts).
In your application, please explain what makes you a suitable candidate and tell us what motivated you to choose Martinswerk as a potential employer.
During the entire process, delays are possible for a variety of reasons – Please be patient, we will definitely get back to you.

Please send your application to: