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Our Philosophy – the Huber Principles

EH&S Sustainability
World class safety and environmental performance.
Huber’s top priority is to have a first-rate system for avoiding employee incidents and maintaining process safety. Huber is an exemplary corporate citizen in all communities around the world where we do business.
Respect for People
A great place to work for honesty, respect, teamwork and recognition.
Huber appreciates diversity among its employees and above average teamwork.
Competitive advantage through customer intimacy and operational excellence.
Huber achieves a competitive advantage through customer orientation and operative excellence. Customer intimacy and innovation are the driving force behind the successful development and marketing of new products. Our activities stand out thanks to learning and best practices in the areas of process technology, product quality, increased productivity, supply chain management and customer service.
Ethical Behaviour
A company identity that we are all proud of.
The Huber culture promotes open communication and ensures that potential ethical concerns can be addressed easily and resolved appropriately. We do business worldwide at the highest standards of compliance with laws, regulations and company guidelines. Huber employees conduct themselves with professionality and ethical responsibility.